our bonbons

It can take up to 4 days to make one batch of our artisan chocolates. Each bonbon is painted by hand to give you a colorful visual of the flavor inside.  From painting, shelling, filling, capping, and then un-moulding, to being hand-packed into boxes just for you, our chocolates are both beautiful & delicious, but never too pretty to eat!

Made with Valrhona French chocolate & quality ingredients, by buying and supporting Colorado Cocoa Pod, you are also helping to provide fair living wages to cocoa bean farmers & helping to put an end to child slave labor in the cocoa industry.

where to find us

Colorado Cocoa Pod is based out of Denver, CO, USA. While we currently have no physical brick & mortar location, you can find us at pop-ups, markets, special events around the Denver-metro area, or online! Check out our Instagram Highlights & Stories, or our Event’s Calendar page for current schedule of events!

chocolatier & owner

Colorado Cocoa Pod was started by Chocolatier and ex-Software Engineer Liane PR in the Spring of 2019. Liane has an Associate Degree in Baking & Pastry Arts from Johnson & Wales, and fell even more in love with artisan bonbons & fine chocolate during her Chocolates & Confections course. After interning & working at a small chocolate shop, she decided to start her own business, giving her freedom to create beautiful & delicious Asian inspired bonbons!

When she isn’t in the kitchen creating new bonbons (or other tasty chocolate-y treats), you can find Liane traveling with her husband, eating & searching for fine chocolate for her and craft coffee for him!

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